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Portable cotton shopping net bag

Reusable shopping net bag,Biodegradable cotton shopping bags

Shopping net bags with 12 inch longer handle ensures easy and comfortable carry for grocery or shopping. You can use them as tote, and you can also hang them on something. These mesh produce bags are lightweight and foldable, which means they are easy and portable to carry with through all your market journey。


pure cotton






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Details about Portable cotton shopping net bag

Our pure cotton mesh Bags Biodegrade in 1 to 5 Months,Each mesh produce bag can be used for more than 1000 times in its lifetime.

From material to packaging,we advocate zero waste.With these net bags in cotton from more sustainable plantations, you avoid needing plastic bags when shopping.

Shopping net bags are made from pure cotton. With ultra fine yet strong mesh cotton, these net bags can safely hold all your produce. They would be the best alternative to single-use plastic bags, paper bags, nylon produce bags for shopping purpose. Bio-degradable material, reusable, and comes in zero plastic packaging-makes this product perfectly fulfills your desire for a zero-waste lifestyle.

Mesh designed tote carrying bag is made with the highest standards of quality, so that they can be highly expanded to hold lots of goods, including long or bulky vegetables or other items. One market bag can support up to 16 Litres or 40 Pounds, makes you free from any worry of their wear and tear with weight-Provides you more convenience while carrying groceries. All these eco bags are natural and chemical free and can machine washable with cold water.

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